Who We Are

Integrity Specialists International, Inc. was created by a team of industry professionals that know exactly what it takes to do the job right the first time without compromising any aspect of the owners investment. Our management and staff have extensive industry experience tackling some of the world’s largest, most challenging projects providing engineering, project management, and technical solutions supporting the project and asset lifecycle. We are your invested partner providing the highest expectations of safety, quality, a return on investment with proven planning and execution methods.


Our goal is to remain as a value-added, respected, first in choice energy industry solutions provider. Respect and success will be measured by the satisfaction of our employees, clients, and stakeholders.



To be a place where our employees look forward to working each day, first choice for new and existing clients, and growth and transition with the energy industry sectors.


Safety and Environmental Stewardship – Protecting people and the environment is a priority to ISI. We are committed and are responsible to protect the health and safety of people and the environment.


People – Our most valued asset


Diversity – We value diversity in culture, background, and experience. We provide our employees with the proper training, tools, and methods to make every task successful.


Integrity – Our expectations are set high for our company to build trust and doing right the first time without compromising safety or quality.


Success – Achieve goals and exceed expectations.


Excellence – Be the leader and lead by example with added-value.


Fundamentals to our sustainability goals is to focus on being a value-added solutions provider, maintaining excellence in the health and safety of our employees and affected stakeholders, in the safety and quality of our work, and in our efforts to protect and preserve the environment as we assist with providing energy industry solutions.  ISI remains focused on implementing robust, reliable, safe, and environmentally responsible practices and solutions throughout the global energy industry sectors.


Our Obligation to Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE):


Our Health, Safety, and Environmental programs are engineered, along with the safety culture that is developed into each of our employees to maintain a work site without accidents and incidents and to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our S.A.F.E Program provides the proper tools and procedures to implement in the planning and execution phases of our scopes of work that are the key to a safe and successful work environment for all stakeholders on a project site.


Integrity Specialists International Inc. uses proper training, detailed Pre-Job Risk Analysis, Job Safety Analysis, Behavioral Based Observation, and Incident Prevention Programs that assist with identifying risk to plan and execute a safe, more productive work environment for the safety of everyone that can be affect by our work. ISI is dedicated and in compliant with ISO 14001 and ISO / OHSAS 18001 and 45001 which is our obligation to perform the safest methods and to protect the environment.


Our Obligation to Quality:


At Integrity Specialists International, Inc., the Quality Management System (QMS) starts with our management team commitment knowing and following our policies and processes and employing only the best fit for site specific, most-qualified resources to ensure every project is completed to the highest safety and quality standards. Our value-added processes and procedures ensure not only the highest safety and quality standards are met but also the client satisfactory of our solutions provided to a project. Our quality driven resources and planning and execution processes, procedures, and methods are proven to provide a quicker return on investment (RoI). ISI is dedicated and compliant with ISO 9001:2015 which is our obligation to perform the best of quality and doing the job right the first time.

Integrity Specialists International is committed to an operating philosophy based on openness in communication, integrity in serving our customers, fairness and concern for our employees and responsibility to the communities within which we operate. Our vision is to exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery and value. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating a profitable business culture that is based on the following principles:

Our People

Integrity Specialists International is committed to equality in employment opportunity and rewards, embracing wholeheartedly the cultural diversity within the communities we call home. Our employees’ welfare and interests are foremost throughout all aspects of our business and how we conduct our affairs. Integrity Specialists International is committed to:

  •  Creating and nurturing an environment of success based on honesty and integrity.
  • Equitable sharing in the success of the company.
  • Empowerment through training and communication.
  • Individual growth and equal opportunity.
  • Designing and providing a safe and secure work environment.

Our Customers

Customer needs are paramount and represent the highest priority within our business. Our obligation is to proactively seek out and define customer needs while addressing all requests expeditiously without creating false expectations.

Our Community

Integrity Specialists International is committed to supporting the communities within which we operate. We believe in the practice of social responsibility and encourage similar behavior in our employees and suppliers. We support the conservation of the physical environment and the prevention of pollution at our facilities. We proactively comply with all applicable safety, environmental, legal and regulatory requirements to which we subscribe.

Our Quality

Beginning with a clear definition of customers’ expectations, we strive to consistently meet or exceed them. We adhere to all applicable standards and customer specific requirements and endeavor to provide processes that ensure we achieve this in order to build a robust and world class business.


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Clients Served

Since established in 2012, Integrity Specialists International, Inc. has successfully been a stakeholder providing facility and pipeline solutions to organizations either direct contract or subcontracted for various sized projects, globally.