Marine Construction

Marine Construction Support Solutions

  • Engineering, Fabrication, Installation Planning and Execution
  • Construction and Installation Specialists
  • De-Commissioning Specialists
  • Production Asset Mooring and Riser Specialists
  • SCR (Steel Catenary Riser) Installation and Equipment Expertise
  • Flexible Riser Installation and Equipment Expertise
  • SURF (Subsea, Umbilical, Risers, and Flowlines) Operations
  • Deck and Mooring Equipment, FPSO and FSO Upgrades and Conversions
  • Offshore Oil / Gas Field Development
  • Dry-Dock Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, and Mechanical Expertise
  • Dockside / Port Emergency Call-out Services (all Disciplines)

Marine Project Support Solutions

  • Bidder Qualification and Contracting Evaluation
  • Engineering Design Review for Best Application
  • Detailed Inspections (vendor and field)
  • Logistic and Equipment Transporting Management
  • Constructability Review and Recommendations
  • Equipment Installation Management
  • Preservation Management
  • Commissioning, Performance Optimization, and Troubleshooting

Marine De-Commissioning Support Solutions

  • Planning and Managing all Marine Operations
  • 3D Scanning Services, Engineering
  • NORM Removal and Tank Cleaning
  • Flushing of Pipelines, Flowlines, Risers and Umbilicals
  • Disconnect and Abandonment of Mooring Lines
  • Station Keeping of FPSO
  • Towing Operations
  • Environmental Recycling of Removed Structures
  • Temporary Equipment Provider

Marine Construction