Commissioning and Start-Up Support (CSU)

Commissioning and Start-Up Support (CSU)

CSU Strategic Management and Planning

  • Development of CSU Execution Strategy
  • Development of CSU Integrity Work Packages (IWP)
  • Development of CSU Roles and Responsibilities per activities
  • Development of Mechanical Completion Transfer of Custody Sequence
  • Development of System Boundaries Demarcations – non-commissionable and commissionable

CSU Project Controls

  • Development of Work Base Structure (WBS)
  • Development of CSU scheduled activities
  • Development of CSU resources estimate
  • Development of CSU equipment, consumables, vendors estimate
  • Development of CSU budget

CSU Plan Development and Execution

  • Structure Processes
  • Planning for Start-Up Facilitator
  • Control of Work Permitting Management and Coordination
  • Engineering Design Technical Review and Recommendations
  • Pre-Commissioning Activities Management
  • Equipment and System Preservation Management and Execution
  • Equipment Packaging, Storage, Transportation Management
  • Project Custody Transfer Package Development (Project to Operations)
  • CSU Process and Procedure Development and Management
  • Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) Program Development and Management
  • CSU Technicians (all Disciplines)
  • Electrical Checkouts and Energization
  • Instrumentation and Controls Checkouts and Loop Testing
  • Mechanical Checkouts / Preparation for Start-Up
  • CSU Vendor Management and Coordination
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Management
  • Site Integration (SI) Management
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) Management
  • System / Plant Start-Up Support Resources
  • Completion Database